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Hopscotch was added to the Art Collection at the Southern Hotel, Covington in 2014.  It was displayed in the solo exhibition, Arc:  Minding the Gap, presented by St. Tammany Art Association. Covington and Louisiana Voices: Six Artists Speak to Us, an exhibition organized by the Hilliard University Art Museum in Lafayette, LA. Part of my process in the studio requires the patience to allow the painting to evolve from a starting point fixed in my mind. As I layer color, shapes and lines, patterns appear and the underlying structure begins to reveal itself. Hopscotch is a simple childhood game. It is visual as well as physical and involves the action of tossing a stone, a marker, or even a bean to advance from one point to another. Midway, a quick spin and the player returns to the beginning. It is what happens in the process, in the gap between the start and the finish line that carries the meaning.  

Hopscotch at the Southern Hotel

Writing Lesson was added to the St. Tammany Parish Library Collection, Madisonville, in 2016. As a child I was fascinated by the ritual of preparing to write as I watched my grandfather approach the page. Circular movements of the hand and arm, pressure as the pencil touched paper, and off went the line in the fluid progression of open and closed shapes that reached the end, then down and again, across. It was a fluid action but carried a strange energy, an abstraction of line and shape in a complex visual composition. Writing Lesson took shape under the influence of the memory of a careful observation and an emotional response to a specific situation.  

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