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Inside New Orleans

Art with Meaning

by Linda Trappey Dautreuil

Julie Silvers surrounds  herself with art. In a light-filled room, she overlooks manicured gardens accenting the architecture of Pio Lyons and contemporary sculptures by Arthur Silverman, Steve Martin and other noted Louisiana artists. Indoors, the collection of “high and low” or whatever strikes her as “art filled with soul,” is interspersed with her own sculptures and paintings from various stages in her life and artistic career.

Art Gallery
Inside Northside

Advocates of the Arts: Collectors Tim and Jan Lantrip

by Linda Trappey Dautreuil

“I have a particular fondness for the work of Louis Morales and his painting, Bogue Falaya Park Looking Across the River. The paint is very rich in color and texture. I think his style is distinctive, even when he paints a subject that may have been painted many times by others. I like the specificity of knowing that this location, very near to me, inspired his process,” says Tim Lantrip.

Artist Holding a Paintbrush

Shattering the Single

Point of View

by Linda Trappey Dautreuil

The rusty wheelbarrow with unusually straight legs resting on small wheels would be the focal point in Dove Cote Studio were it not for the large collection of recent paintings on reconstituted paper by visual artist Edward R. Whiteman...

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